Basic Safety Training

personal survivor techniques cover

Personal Survival Techniques

This course provides vital survival skills for seafarers, covering emergency procedures, life-saving equipment usage, and survival craft operations, essential for ensuring safety and competence at sea.

personal safety and social responsibility cover

Personal Safety And Social Responsibilit

Gain essential insights into maritime safety and social responsibilities, emphasizing emergency response, teamwork, and environmental stewardship to ensure a harmonious and secure maritime environment.

elementary first aid cover

First Aid for Mariners

Explore the basics of first aid tailored for maritime environments, teaching crucial skills in accident response, injury treatment, and emergency care, vital for prompt and effective action in critical situations at sea.

firefighting cover


Delve into the critical aspects of maritime firefighting, including fire prevention, emergency response techniques, and the use of firefighting equipment, crucial for ensuring onboard safety and effective hazard management.

Global Maritime Courses

pollution prevention response and compensation cover

Pollution Prevention

Learn strategies for preventing marine pollution, focusing on regulatory compliance, best practices for waste management, and environmental protection techniques essential for sustainable maritime operations.

meteorology cover

Marine Meteorology

Master the fundamentals of marine meteorology, covering weather pattern analysis, forecasting techniques, and atmospheric phenomena, essential for safe navigation and effective decision-making in maritime operations.

maritime navigation cover

Maritime Navigation

Gain in-depth knowledge of maritime navigation, exploring advanced techniques in chart reading, electronic navigation systems, and route planning, essential for safe and efficient voyage management at sea.

colregs cover


Acquire expertise in collision avoidance by mastering COLREGs, with a focus on understanding and applying international maritime rules and principles for safe and compliant maneuvering in navigable waters.

basic maritime english cover

Maritime English Essentials

Build a strong foundation in Maritime English, covering essential terminology, communication skills, and language proficiency necessary for effective and clear interaction in various maritime scenarios.

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